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Mobilu facilitates your business transformation using a full digital solution, 100% Cloud and especially developed for Asset & Wealth managers. It provides you with a complete toolkit that will fulfil all your digitization needs as well as an easy-to-use front-end interface to improve the customer experience. Mobilu offers you an intuitive Portal dedicated to Investors and Providers, allowing to manage the client onboarding, the data collection, the generation, and the sharing of reports for investor and regulation reporting purposes. It will allow you and your customers to have an integrated view of the portfolio of investments embedded with client-centric portfolio diagnostic comforting your clients financial well-being and alignment with their personal values. 
The tool allowing deployment of the Investor & Provider Portal includes fully integrated functionalities such as a PMS and a CRM as well as Integrated Development Tools. First, the full customization of the design of your Data Management is performed. Then, the design of your features, in terms of Portfolio Management, Risk & Compliance Oversight, Private Equity functionalities, etc. needed for your daily management is completed.
The Mobilu Investor Portal offers Asset Manager self-customization opportunities in terms of digitization of their processes, investor management & communication and alerts on missing or expiring documents. Document e-sign functionalities are offered too. The workload is alleviated, the operational risk reduced, and the customer experience improved.


Complete Investor Portal


Easy & Secure

Full-featured environment

Portal and core system with integrated coding tools and all you need for your compliance and risk to manage your daily operations from sales to mid to back-office.

Personalized investor portal

Fully white-label platform to keep the spotlight on your brand : logo, color, notifications email customized. Thus, you improve the customer experience and your reputation at the same time.

Quick launch &

Enjoy the performance of our solution in less than 10 minutes! No software installation or IT team needed. Our team assists you for an easier handling and to build the features you need daily in terms of investment management, risk, private equity, compliance, etc.

Turnkey Asset management Solution

Our investor solution has been designed for Asset Managers and Distributors in collaboration specialized boutiques (Sopiad, FundProcess). This platform covers all operational aspects of the asset management companies. From investors onboarding, recurrent meetings organization, oversight, documents management to advanced reports.

Intuitive interface for investors

Reducing the time you spend on administrative tasks should not complicate your clients' dealings. Mobilu also meets the new needs of your customers by providing them with an intuitive and easy-to-use application.

Secure Cloud

Accessible 24/24 and 7/7
EIDAS compliant (European regulation)